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Once you arrive for your workshop, you can grab a drink with your friends, browse the factory to get painting ideas, and settle into your workspace. Our expert team will then guide you through your project. At the end of what is normally a 2-3 hour session, everyone will have created their very own décor piece, ready for its place in the home. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

Each Project is Hand Crafted by YOU! Working with wood means that each finished project is unique. Projects are designed to look rustic, worn and sometimes vintage! How you distress (or not), sand, assemble, stain, and paint will make the project your own. The techniques or colors you use can drastically change the look to match any idea, decor or room. Of course, our expert team can give you ideas to achieve the look you want, but YOU are the main source for inspiration.

A DIY Factory workshop is so much more than just a fun night out ...It’s an absorbing, hands-on activity where you can escape from your busy life and channel your inner DIY creativity. You will leave feeling accomplished, satisfied, and truly amazed at what you have achieved in such a short period of time.

Workshop Rules:

  • Wear comfortable clothes or something you don’t mind getting a little dirty. We’re working with paints, stains, and tools, so splashes and spills can happen on occasion. Don’t wear your newest designer outfit!

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to your scheduled workshop time. This gives you time to grab a drink, get settled in your workspace, and get the creative juices flowing by thinking about stains and paint colors for your project. We have stain choices and paint colors displayed in our factory as well as example designs throughout the factory to give you ideas!

  • Our instructors will guide you through the steps of your project, and we have additional team members ready to help along the way.


  • Oh and did we mention, we are BYOB!! :) Enjoy your favorite Wine, Beer, or Spirit! We provide complimentary glasses, non-alcoholic beverages, and mixers!